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"Unbearable Dreams" 
Hong Kong / Taipei / India / Shanghai / Busan/ BangkokVietnam / Baghdad / Kabul / Baguio / Teheran / Tokyo

2008 East Asia 4 Cities Collaboration Luxin Madman's Duiary
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2011   Unbearable Dreams6 
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※以下は参加年の時の記載 The following is a description of participation year
  Hong Kong  
Tong Sze Hong, Hong Kong, China  at all works
  Tom is actor, director and theatre producer, facilitator, art director and founder of Clash Theatre Group in 1998. He has involved theatre art activities since 1981. His studies and practice have included a wide variety of the people theatre, improvisation and movement art forms. This includes street theatre, forum theatre, puppet show, wheelchair dance, Action Theater, and sound theatre. He involved in Unbearable Dreams the series 1-7 which is to be a serial production program of Asia Meets Asia. His recent directing theatre works are Meet with Godot (2005), Dreaming Landscape (2004) and A Dream Related to New China(2004), Luxun 2008- a Madman。ヲs Diary (2008, 2010), Urban Ark 1 -2(2010) and Drum Theatre: Scare Crow (2012). He was a producer of Black Hole 3, the first Hong Kong Improvised Performance Festival (2005) and Aruku (2011) and Asia Meets Asia Festival 2012. 

トム、ホングは、俳優、演出家、演劇プロデューサー、ファシリテーター。1998年のClash Theatre Group創設者・演出家。1981年より舞台芸術活動に関わる。その研究と実践は、the people theatreや即興、ムーブメントアートフォームなど多岐にわたり、ストリートシアター、フォーラムシアター、人形劇、車椅子ダンス、アクションシアター、サウンドシアターなどがある。Asia Meets Asiaの連作プログラム”Unbearable Dreams”シリーズには1回から7回まで関わっている。近年の演出作品として、Meet with Godot (2005)、Dreaming Landscape (2004) および A Dream Related to New China(2004)、<魯迅2008「狂人日記」>(2008, 2010)、Urban Ark 1-2(2010)、Drum Theatre: Scare Crow (2012)がある。

Chu Sau Man, Virginia, Hong Kong, China  at all works
  Virginia is director, actress, creative arts facilitator, and Taiko drummer, is one of the founders of Clash Theatre Group, Taraf de Mui Wo, and founded O-Daiko, a Taiko group in 2004. She achieved performed theatre works: “Interaction: Sexual Harassment”, “Who got Amnesia? Be Emperor Tsang not”, “Hong Kong 50 Years Bugs”, “Jam Era”, “Love Letter”, “Impro on Inner Stories”, “Unbearable Dreams”, “Black Hole III”, Urban Ark 1 and 2” and “Lu Xun 2010”. She lead Taiko drumming performance Sound as Image, Sound as Shape, sound improvisation theatre in 2005, and Taiko drum concert, Convergence 2011. She took part in various theatre performances as vocalist.
  演出家、女優、クリエイティブアートのファシリテーター、太鼓奏者。Clash Theatre Group、Taraf de Mui Woの創設者の一人であり、2004年に太鼓グループO-Daikoを設立。作品には“Interaction: Sexual Harassment”、“Who got Amnesia? Be Emperor Tsang not”、“Hong Kong 50 Years Bugs”、“Jam Era”、“Love Letter”、“Impro on Inner Stories”、“Unbearable Dreams”、“Black Hole III”、” Urban Ark 1 and 2”、 “魯迅2010”などがある。太鼓パフォーマンスSound as Image、Sound as Shape、2005年にはsound improvisation theatre、2011年には太鼓コンサートConvergence 2011 を行った。またボーカリストとして様々な舞台に参加した。
Vinci , Mok,  Hong Kong, China
  Studied in Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts with her major in Drama (1994-1996). Currently learning clown,mime,giant puppet,modern dance,physical theatre,zen drumming , contact improvisation dance from many different Asian or European masters or experienced performers.In recently more than 5 years ,she started working hard for Butoh dance as her  one of her main career beside being as a theatre actress or performance artist for the contemporary or community art scene , especially after she received her irregularly training from Yukio Waguri,Yumiko Yushioka,Yuko Kawamato or some more other Butoh artists who are under Hijikata Tatsumi’s system beside being as a theatre actress for contemporary scene. Right now,she is the artistic director of 2 independent art companies,Fragile Butoh and Moving Arts. Hong Kong and love to keep travelling and perform for different interesting art festivals or collaborating projects in different countries.Her recently work is <Absolute Aeroplane 2014> with Black Tank Theatre in Yokohama,Japan. 
Chan Wai Fat, Hong Kong, China   2005
   He is an experimental musician from Hong Kong. Chan graduated in ethnomusicology from Hong Kong University. He did music works for dance and theatre; recently he is doing physical performances.


Nelson Hiu, Hong Kong, China   2005
  He is Hawaiian, and an experimental musician bases in Hong Kong. He works for Hong Kong City Dance Company as a musician over a decade. Nelson studied ethnomusicology in Hawaii University. He did music for Unbearable Dreams for the past performances.

ハワイ出身の実験的な音楽家で、香港をベースに活動している。長年、Hong Kong City Dance Companyで音楽を担当。ハワイ大学で民族音楽学を修める。これまでのUnbearable Dreamsでも、音楽で参加している。

Wang Mo-ling, Taipei, Taiwan,  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,  2012
  Mo-lin WANG, veteran theatre/culture critic, theater director, and performance artist, set up the Body Phase Studio in 1991 to organize the annual international performance art festival in Taiwan. In 1997-1998, in both Beijing and Taipei, he produced a version of Greek Tragedy of Oedipus in Tsou language of Taiwan aboriginal tribe. Before he founded the Body Phase Studio, he summoned three theater groups and organized the production of October (1987), a huge outdoor show in a worn-down warehouse on the beach, realizing the idea of ‘environmental theater’. In 1988, he organized Taiwan’s first “action theater”: Dispel Orchid Island’s Evil Spirit. The years 2000-2006 saw Mr. Wang presenting his performance art in Asia and Europe and working as a writer and director of the Black Hole series presented in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. Other directing credits include A Soldier’s Pay (2004) and Next Hour (2007). From 2005 to 2008 he served as the artistic director of Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre. He has published “The Directors and their Works”, “Chinese Film and Theatre”, “Body and Urban Theatre”

Body Phase Studio is a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural exchange, founded by the artist Wang, Mo-lin in 1991.  As its name suggests, Body Phase Studio concerns itself with the body performances expressed in different cultures.  It is our wish that body languages as ways in thinking aesthetics be constructed, through dialogues and confrontation of different cultures in their experience of beauty.  For over ten years, Body Phase Studio has persisted in offering Taiwanese art communities the best presented art festivals, and has received wide recognition in the performing arts field.  Besides, we also endeavor to engage Taiwanese fringe theatre movement in the dialogues with the wider world outside Taiwan.
Watan Uma, Taipei, Taiwan,  2080, 2010, 2012
  Born on April 18, 1958, UMA is a member of the Atayal tribe from Jianshih Township, Hsinchu County. He graduated from the Department of Political Science, Political Warfare College. He started to participate in the organisation of performance art festivals in 2000. Releasing No Photography in 2004, he was then invited by the NIPAF (2004, 2006), TIPAF (2004 & 2005), Macau International Performance Art Festival (MIPAF), Making Relationship??!!, Performance: Asia: Program for Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, Open International Performance Art Festival, DaDao Live Art Festival in Beijing and so on. He performed in several theatre works including “Lu Xun 2008”.

1958年生まれ。台湾の少数民族の中の一つ、泰雅族原住民。水田部落という劇団の芸術総監。2000年から国際パフォーミングアートフェスティバルの製作に携わり、2004年に発表した「No Photography」(禁止撮影)は台北華山で初演された後、NIPAF(Nippon International Performing Art Festival)2004,2006,TIPAF(台北)2004,2005,MIPAF(マカオ)、Making Relationship(中・台芸術家交流)、チリ、アルゼンチン、ウルグアイの芸術祭2005,アイルランド芸術祭2005、北京大道ライブフェスティバル2006、オープンインターナショナル芸術祭(北京)2007、アジア身体表現芸術祭(上海)2008、など数多くの芸術祭に招待される。また、「魯迅2008」などを始め、多くの作品に出演している。 

YAO Lee-chun  Taipei, Taiwan  2008, 2009, 2010,2011
Theatre worker and researcher of the history of cinema, Lee-chun Yao took over as the director of Body Phase Studio in 2007, and is presently director of Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre. He was producer and co-producer of several other theatre events including Asia Pacific Little Theatre Festival (2003) and “Lu Xun 2008” at the 2008 Asia Meets Asia in Taipei. In addition, he is the programmer director for Sixth Sense in Performance Arts Festival and Taipei International Performance Art Festival. Yao also writes and directs theatre works.


Kuan Chen-yin,  Taipei, Taiwan 
  Kuan Chen-yin, born in Hengchuen, a township in the most south of Taiwan. She got her graduate degree in sociology in 2009. She is member of the Assignment Theatre Group. In 2006, she was a selected theatre worker for East Asia People Theatre Trainer’s Training Workshop in Southern Korea. She has joined tours to perform in Busan, Beijing, Avignon. She performed in Asia meets Asia collaboration “2008.Lu Xun  (aka A Madman’s Dairy) ” in Taipei in 2008

關晨引   台湾の最南端都市(Hengchuen)生まれ。2009年に社会学学士を得ている。2006年に、韓国の「East Asia People Theatre Trainer’s Training Workshop」の運営者に選ばれ、プサン、北京、アヴィニョンのツアーに参加。2008年のAsia meets Asia東アジア4都市連続公演「魯迅・狂人日記」台湾公演に参加している。

Lai Fang-yu, Ah Lai    Taipei, Taiwan  2005
Her work is cross-discipline. She collaborates with various artist of visual and sound making, lighting effects to perform. She is a lecturer in faculty of arts, in Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan. She teaches the physical improvisation and art of structuring performances. She has her dance troupe, called: She has long history of physical performing experiences and being a director as well.

彼女の作品は学際的である。上演にあたって、視覚、音響の創作、照明効果などさまざまなアーティストと共同作業を行う。台湾のKaohsiung Normal Universityの芸術学部の講師。即興による身体表現、パフォーマンスの構成法を指導している。Green Seeds Dance Spaceという自身の舞踊団を率いている。身体的なパフォーマンスおよび演出の経験豊かである。

Archana Kumar, Bangalore, Indiaat all works
  Archana Kumar began her love affair with movement arts more than two decades ago, first with intense training in a South Indian classical dance-Baratanatyam for 9 years. She then started afresh, learning and understanding a North Indian classical dance form- Kathak which she continues to perform, promote and teach. During her 10 year residence in the United States, she had the opportunity to develop a firm foundation in modern dance techniques and Japanese art form, Butoh began and she continues to practice and understand this dance-theatre form to date. Her works have also traveled internationally to China, Japan, Middle East and Canada. All her productions stem from real life experiences and strive to seamlessly blend the Indian traditional dance motifs with the philosophy of Butoh using the physicality of modern dance for movement vocabulary. Thus they are experimental, daring and evocative. She recently formed the dance-theatre group ARCH ensemble based in Bangalore, India where she currently resides and teaches modern dance and Kathak.


Rabijita Gogoi, Assam, North Eastern India, 2005
  She is from Assam, Northeast India, a cultural minority. She is an artistic director of Jirsong Theatre, which dedicates to develop interest and concept of theatre among ethnic minorities. Gogoi spent two years in researching of Rare Art Forms of ethnic minority groups in Assam, supported by Department of Culture fellowships.
  インド北部、アッサム地方の少数民族の出身。少数民族の人々に演劇のもつ利点とその概念を広めることに力を注いでいるJirsong Theatreの芸術監督。文化研究奨学基金のサポートを受け、2年間、アッサム地方の少数民族の希少な芸術様式についての調査を行った。
Parvaiz Rajan,  Bangalore, India   2011,2012
  An independent Indian visual artist, instrumentalist, traveler and day-dreamer.
パーヴィーズ ()
Nitant Nair,  Bangalore, India, 2016
Zhao Chuan, Shanghai, China
Zhao Chuan, he is a writer, critic and theatre worker. In resent years, he devotes most of his time and energy into a local theatre group Grass Stage founded himself with the others in Shanghai in early 2005. Under his guides, this non commercial, self educated and collective theatre group was focused much attentions in the economical booming China, for their fresh thinking of against the conventional mode of theatre production and valued independent power from the mass community. He is mastermind both in theory and practice of the group’s social activates and their productions performed in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. These efforts carry out and extend Zhao Chuan’s culture criticism from mass print medias. Before the establishment of Grass Stage, he already has very strong literature and arts background, was awarded Taiwan's prestigious Lianhe Wenxue (Unitas) New Fiction Writer's Prize in 2001 and received other Awards. He still writes arts columns and regularly publishes in major newspapers and art press in Mainland and Taiwan, teaches at the New York University in Shanghai and guest lectures in the China Art Academy. He has published two novels, three anthologies of essays and a book in Chinese contemporary art history. His theater pieces including Squat (playwright and director), Madmen Story 2007(collective playwrighting, director and actor), Madmen Story (collective playwrighting, director), Black Hole (playwright), 38th Parallel in Taipei (playwright and director), 38th Parallel Still Play (collective playwrighting, co-director and actor) and The Face of Toilet (playwright, director and actor) etc.

チャオチュウアン、彼は作家、批評家と劇場労働者です。近年彼は、2005年前半に上海で他の仲間と創設した地方劇団に多くの時間とエネルギーを注いています。彼のガイドの下で、演劇制作の従来の方法と大衆地域社会から離れた重要な権力に抵抗する斬新な思考のために、この非商業的な、自己啓発で集合的な演劇グループは、経済的な急成長している中国にて多くの関心を集めた。彼は、中国本土と香港と台湾における劇団の社会活動と作品制作における理論と実践の立案者である。これらの努力は、大量の印刷mediasからチャオチュウアンの文化批評を生み出し、延長します。グラスStageの設立の前に、彼がすでに非常に強い文学と芸術背景を持つこと、台湾の名門のLianhe Wenxue(Unitas)を与えましたニュー2001年にFiction Writerの賞、そして、容認されている他の賞。彼はまだ芸術コラムを書いて、中国本土と台湾での主要な新聞と芸術新聞において定期的に公表しています。、また上海のニューヨーク大学で教え中国芸術アカデミーで客員講師をしている。彼は2つの小説と3つのエッセイ集と中国の現代美術史において1つの本を出版している。Squat(脚本家とディレクター)を含む彼の劇場部分、Madmen Story 2007(総体的な劇作、ディレクターと俳優)、Madmen Story(総体的な劇作、ディレクター)、ブラックHole(脚本家)、台北(脚本家とディレクター)の第38のParallel、第38のParallel Still Play(総体的な劇作、共同指揮者と俳優)とToilet(脚本家、ディレクターと俳優)その他

Wu Meng, Shanghai, China
  Wu Meng is an artist, freelance writer and performer. One of the founding member of important Chinese theatre collective Grass Stage since 2005. Her work involves in video work, documentary film, performance art and theatre. She performed with Grass Stage's productions in cities of Chinese, as well as in Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and India. Her own works were invited to Hang Kong City Festival (2009), German Pavilion (Shanghai EXPO 2010), MAMALA Theatre Festival (Shanghai 2010), "Every One's East Lake" Art project (Wuhan 2010), "Right to City" (Hamburg 2011), 2012 Chinese Culture Year(Leipzig 2012)

アーティスト、フリーライター、パフォーマー。 2005年以来、著名な中国の演劇集団Grass Stageの創設メンバーの一人。ビデオ作品、ドキュメンタリー映画、パフォーマンスアート・演劇に関わる。中国各都市や台湾、マカオ、香港、日本、韓国、インドでGrass Stageの作品に出演した。個人としては、香港City Festival(2009年)、German Pavilion(上海EXPO 2010)、MAMALA Theatre Festival(上海2010)、"Every One's East Lake" Art project(武漢2010)、"Right to City"(ハンブルク2011)、2012 Chinese Culture Year(ライプチヒ2012)に招待された。

Yu Kai,  Shanghai, China
  Theatre worker, contributor, artist. The member of Grass Stage. Her works concentrate on exploring the physical expression, searching the relationship of the historical memories with the contemprory life.
She created and performed in series experimental theatrical works and solos, from “Madman Story” to “World Factory”. She participated in the exhibition and performence in the theatre, public space and outdoor in different cities in mailand China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India and America.

美術に関わりながら2006Grass Stageにて演劇活動を開始。2014に実験集団“So Whatを設立。身体言語や歴史の記憶と日常表現との関わりの研究やワークショップに関心を向けている。これまでに、アジ各地、アメリカ等などの専門劇場やギャラリー、公共施設、野外など多くの作品を展示や公演をしてきた

Yu Lingna, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  Yu Lingna joined Grassstage in March 2011.Grass Stage is a Theatre established by Zhao Chuan and a group of colleagues in 2005, devoted to the promotion of China’s new social theatre movement, the creation of non-profit public space, and the formation of a new theatrical aesthetic.
Yu Lingna performed in Grassstage’s theatre works, like Republican Notes 12.5(2012), The Water of Life(2011), The Steatopygic Era(2013), etc,and took part in Asia meets Asia Project in 2012. She works as a psychotherapist at ordinary times.
  2011年3月Grass Stage に加入。Grass StageはZhao Chuan と複数のメンバーが2005年に設立した劇団で、中国の新たなソーシャルシアタームーブメント、非営利の公共スペースの創出、新たな演劇美学の形成の促進を目的とする。
Grass Stage の作品、Republican Notes 12.5(2012)、The Water of Life(2011)、The Steatopygic Era(2013)などに参加。また、2012年にはAsia meets Asia のプロジェクトに参加。
Feng Zi /Ge Wei, Shanghai, China  2010
   Theatre worker and researcher of the history of cinema, Lee-chun Yao took over as the director of Body Phase Studio in 2007, and is presently director of Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre. He was producer and co-producer of several other theatre events including Asia Pacific Little Theatre Festival (2003) and “Lu Xun 2008” at the 2008 Asia Meets Asia in Taipei. In addition, he is the programmer director for Sixth Sense in Performance Arts Festival and Taipei International Performance Art Festival. Yao also writes and directs theatre works.
1980年上海生まれ。現在も上海在住。事務職や技術職、ギャラリーで働いた経験もあり、書店経営の経歴もある。現在はフリーのシアター・アーティストであり新進の劇評家でもある。2006年から上海の演劇活動に多数参加。同年、劇団Grass Stageに加入。“Madmen Story” や “The Little Society”といった作品で中国本土の各都市をはじめ、台湾、香港でも公演を行っている。彼はまた、“The Game” や “I Cadge Discussing”といったソロ・パフォーマンス作品も創作している。2009年および2010年に上海で開催された Mecoon Fringe Festivalではオペレーションディレクターを務めた。
Hong Seung-Yi, Busan, Korea,  2016
  2000 Laborer Culture Art Troupe ILTER Joined
2001 ' The Journey of Railroad ' - Director : Kim, GyeYong
2002 ' Life of at Night ' - Director : Kim, GyeYong
2003 ' Beautiful Solidarity ' - Director : Park, SengJin Graduation of Acting part of School which Korea People's Teather Association
2004 ' Blues at moonlit night ' - Director : Kim, GyeYong
Graduation of Playwriting part of School which Korea People's Teather Association
2005 ' Into The Moment - A Journy Into The Innermost Intuition ’
- GilAlon (ISRAEL) Workshop Joined
2006 - 2007 Representative of Laborer Culture Art Troupe ILTER

2006 East Asia People's Teather Association ‘Trainer's Training Workshop' Joined Solo performance ' Story of Busan ' - Beijing, ShangHai a show on Tour
2007 International Exchange -Taiwan Assignment Teather and Laborer Culture Art Troupe ILTER ' Story of 87 ' - Director : DanChumly (USA) ' Red love ' - Director : Kim, GyeYong
Street performance ' The Snack ' - In Festival of Korea People's Teather Association
2008 Found Playground Teather SHIIM

' The room of soft lighted ' - Director : Gilalon (Israel)
' Rock Concert Last Rehearsal ' - Director : Beik, DeaHyeon
2009 A show on tour ' The room of soft lighted ' at Macao, Taipei
Solo performance ' Let Spring Breeze Blow ' - Director : Ha, HyeonGwan Independent Film ' Imagine ' - Movie Director : Kim, SuJeong
2010 Jeon, TeaIl 40th Commemoration Performance
' Mom, Bye ' - Director : Wan, Moling (Taiwan)
Local Society Culture Art Education - As Director Independent Documentary Film ' Mother ' - Film Director : Tea, JunSik
2011 ' Mom, Bye ' - invitation play in Taiwan Taipei Guling theater
2012 Taiwan Assignment Teather 'Invisible village' - Director : GilAlon (Israel)

20代、彼女の心は労働者の作業服の青と旗の赤に染まっていた。30代中ごろ彼女は世界に沢山の色があることを知る。そしてTheater Playground ‘Shiim’を創設した。そして今、彼女はその体が人間の繊細な色に染められ、再び生き物として空になることを期待している。近年は王墨林(台北)Gil Alon(イスラエル)の作品に出演。DAMには2013年より公演に参加している。他2014アジア・ミーツ・アジアの釜山公演企画、渡部美保企画「羊の住処」東京・釜山公演に参加。


Baek, Dea-Hyeon, Busan, Korea 2014,
  In 1998, he joined theater company, ‘Han-Gang’ in which all members had created a play about social issues together using improvisation. He had trained himself and learned a lot about theater in this company. In 2001, he decided to quit this company and acting because it was not easy process to create a play with all together.
But he tried to start up his career as a playwright two years later as he lived in the theater camp into which was re-made from un-used school building. But he found out that he was not talented as a playwright, so he focused again on acting. He trained himself almost every day and sometimes worked as a translator of some important theater workshops.
In 2007, he came to Busan and joined Labor Art and Culture Troop Ilter which had made plays for workers and with workers. But he realized that he wanted to create a play which could be deeper and more experimental, so he founded Theater Playground Shiim with his partner Hong Seung Yi in 2008. Since then he and Hong have created experimental plays with talented foreign directors and also of its own capacity. With Israeli director, Mr Gil Alon, ‘Soft lighted Room’ about a couple of whom a wife lost her own home town by the violence of the government, with Taiwanese director Wang Mo Ring, ‘Mom Bye’ about a man who burned himself to save too young female workers, ‘Antigone’ recomposed to present martial law which were prevailed in East Asia. Besides of them, Shiim had created plays, ‘Blow, Spring Wind’ about a life of a female labor activist, ‘Rock concert, Last Rehearsal’ combined with concert and theater, ‘BeomSu’ about a woman who was raped by her father.
Acted in ‘Soft lighted Room’, ‘Mom Bye’, ‘Antigone’, ‘Refugee of Sheep, From Oshiona’, etc 
Jeon Seong Ho,  Busan, Korea  2013
  He joined Jagalchi Theater Company as an actor that had created many theater pieces called Madang Theater based on Korean traditional mask dance and drum.Madang Theater was established as a kind of theater movement against colonialism and purism in Korean modern culture.
It has been developed to the unique theater style solely and natively in Korean modern history so that it becomes leading theater style of progressive theater movement.
He trained Korean traditional mask dance and drum. He acted in many created Madang theater such as 'Set out on a no-existent road at dawn after vomiting', 'My youth on the wave', 'Spring day, my mother, my mother', ' Teuroteu, like a shaman song', 'Youngdo bridge', etc. He has taught at the theater academy for children to popularize Korean traditional culture and at Korean traditional mask dance and drum workshop.
  俳優として、韓国の伝統的な仮面舞踊・太鼓に基づいたマダン劇と呼ばれる多くの演劇作品を創作したJagalchi Theater Companyに参加。マダン劇は、韓国の現代文化における植民地主義および純粋主義に反対する一種の演劇運動として確立された。韓国現代史の中で唯一固有のユニークな演劇タイルに発展してきており、進歩的な演劇ムーブメントの代表的な演劇タイルになっている。彼は韓国の伝統的な仮面舞踊と太鼓を学び、'Set out on a no-existent road at dawn after vomiting'、'My youth on the wave'、'Spring day, my mother, my mother'、' Teuroteu, like a shaman song'、'Youngdo bridge'など多くのマダン劇の捜索作品に出演。また、韓国の伝統文化の普及のために子供たちのための演劇アカデミーや、韓国伝統仮面舞踊・太鼓のワークショップで教えた。
Hwang, Ji Sun, Busan, Korea  2014
This is Ji-Sun Hwang who is working currently as scenographer/stage designer and actress.
I received Bachelor’s Degree in Study of Art From Busan University in 2002 and majored in stage art from Stage Art Academy in 2004. Also I completed Master’s degree in Aesthetics from University of Busan in 2010.
I joined in Jagalchi Theater in 2001 which is located in Busan and I am still on my career being actress. Since 2002, I am lively working for the best stage work in Busan and Gyung Sang province.
Jagalchi Theatre has more than 20 years of history and known for popular theater and creative stage until now. Also, it creates great mix of Korea’s traditional art and drama to provide great performance of Busan’s history and the public’s life.
I participated as an actress of 16 performances and staff in this theater.
As a stage designer, I have produced 20 works per year to various genres such as play, opera, dance, concert, musical play and making sets with multi organizations.
I received award of Stage art from Ulsan Theater festival in 2012 and 2013. I carry out costume and props too.

1. Works of an actress
1999~2013 : 『The love of Gyung Sang province』,『From welfare to the Holy Land』, 『Gutgury Trot』,『Hide-and-seek』,『Horizont march』, 『The tree with sails』

2. Works of a stage designer
2002~2014 : 『I'm Thirsty』,『Sound Of Music』,『Anniversary』,『The Magic Flute』, 『Our Town』,『Over The Rainbow』, 『Forgotten people』, 『The grave laughs』,『Opera Music teacher』,『Harmonica』, 『Hip Hop highschool』,『La traviata』,『The zoo of magic』,『Moral Thief』,『Cosi fan Tutte』,『Happy family』,『Opera Die Fledermaus』,『Musical MEMORY』,『Dreaming of fossil』,『The Solar System』,『Blow spring breeze』,『Phèdre』,『Good bye, Mom』,『The Body』,『Nowhere』,『People of justice』,『GoodDoctor』,『Oresteia』,『EnAttendant Godot 』,『BumSoo』,『Antigone』,『Off Stage』,『River』
Pradit Prasartthong TUA, Bangkok, Thai  2011
Actor, writer and director of ANATTA theatre troupe. Also Secretary General of Bangkok Theatre Network that organizes Bangkok Theatre Festival every November since 2002.

プラディット・プラサートン (トゥア) (Bangkok, Thailand)

Duangjai Hirunsri,  Bangkok, Thai  2003, 2012
  Member of ANATTA Theatre Troupe Thailand
Phiao was born and raised in Rayong, a town looking out on Samet Island, a popular beach resort near Bangkok,Starting as a high school volunteer with a Makhampom theatre group ,Phiao moved on to perform in many plays as its star actor while a theatre major at Thammasat University.She has grown in to a versatile actor encompassing modern theatre to popular Thai plays.


Mahmood Salimi, Kabul, Afghanistan  2005, 2008
  An ensemble theater established in 2000 in Peshawar, Pakistan, by several Afghan theater, cinema and TV artists and writers who were forced to leave Afghanistan when the Taliban forbade all arts. The organization was established to rehabilitate the theater arts while in exile, and during that period they created six programs including 15 short and long plays. In Spring of 2002, the activities of the Theater were stopped by the Pakistan police and intelligence departments during their last performance in Pakistan due to its political content. Company works feature political, social, economical and cultural problems and the crisis of identity, and uses verbal theatre, mime and music.
After the interim government was established in Afghanistan, Exile Theatre returned to Kabul and set up its first productions – In the Mirror and Garden Party – in Kabul, in collaboration with the American company, Bond Street Theatre in June-July 2003, using a non-verbal, physical, abstract style. Their second production, The Search, was held on October 7, 2003 – Arts Day in Afghanistan. The content of this production talked about the search of mankind for historical formations, the triangle of religion, politics and money, and was also accomplished with a non-verbal style.
Exile Theatre uses different art genres to convey its message and ideas from the artistic schools of realism, expressionism and symbolism. Exile Theatre is primarily a dynamic theater rather than a narrative and static theatre and uses the genres of photography, cinema, dance, acrobatics and sport in its works and training programs. Due to its style and focus, Exile Theatre is alternative and experimental in relation to traditional theater in Afghanistan.
Ahmad Zia Murad,  Kabul, Afghanistan  2010,2011,2012
Afghanistan.Cartoon illustrator as a part-time United Nations worker
Angelo Aurelio, Baguio, Philipin,  2014
Folklore Communıty Theater and Performance Bıo : Angelo Aurelıo : Born ın 1985 ın Baguıo Cıty Phılıppınes hıs body of work ıs a parallel of both communıty theatre ın the northern Phılıppıne regıon prımarıly retrıevıng folklores from oral tradıtıon utılızıng them as materıal ın communıty theatres; and to creatıng ımprovısed and sponateous street performance art pıeces rootıng on dıfferent socıal ıssues ın the Phılıppınes. 


  Baghdad   from Netherland
Ishtar Al-Mafraji   Baghdad, Iraq    2003, 2010
  Iraqi stage actress from the Netherlands. Born in Iraq - Baghdad 1971. Got a bachelor's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts - Art Education in 1993. Since 1996, she moved to the Netherlands, there she worked in the field of media and especially on the radio as a programs maker, as well as to her concerns and attempts at art and theater.
1989-1993 during her studying in the Academy she had many participations in the theater as an actress (Iraq). 2001 The Unstable Balanced" with Dutch group (theater op location,Drang) as second role actress, (Netherlands). 2003 "Figures from Iraq) with Iraqi NAAS group as main role actress, (Netherlands,Japan), also in Asia meet Asia she offered a workshop about the return to Home country. 

オランダ在住のイラク人舞台女優。1971年イラク、バグダッド生まれ。1993年アカデミー・オブ・ファインアーツ、芸術教育で学士号取得。1996年からオランダに暮らし、芸術および演劇に携わると共に、メディア、特にラジオの分野で番組制作の仕事をしている。1989 – 1993年 (イラク)アカデミー在学中に女優として数多くの舞台に参加。2001年(オランダ)オランダのグループ(theater of location, Drang)と共に “The Unstable Balanced”に準主役女優として参加。2003年(オランダ、日本) イラクNAASグループの"Figures from Iraq”に主演女優として参加。また、アジア・ミーツ・アジアで母国への帰還についてワークショップを開催、参加者に大きな感銘を残す。

Alec Asgari,  Teheran, Iran     2012, 2013, 2014,2016
Kamluddin Nilu, Dacca, Bangladesh   2003, 2005
  He is the artistic director of CAT (Center for Asian Theatre), the first repertory company in Bangladesh. His work has over the years become increasingly experimental with blending of modern and traditional forms. A very seasoned international theatre artist who did many international collaborations. His company joined the last festival.

バングラデシュ初のレパートリーシアターである、CAT (Center for Asian Theatre)の芸術監督。彼の作品は、次第に近代と伝統的な様式を融合した実験的なものになってきている。国際的な共同作業を数多く行っている非常に経験のある演劇人。CAT (Center for Asian Theatre)は、前回のAsia meets Asiaに参加。

Md. Belayer H. Khan,  Bangladesh  2005
  He is a dance artist and choreography instructor for Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and Jago Art Center. He is also doing dance training for CAT. He has worked for a good number of dramas as performer and dance director.

舞踊家であり、Bangladesh Shilpakala AcademyとJago Art Centerで振付の指導をしている。また、上記のCAT (Center for Asian Theatre)でもダンスの指導を行っている。多くの演劇作品に役者、またダンスの監修者として参加。

Le Vu Long, 
Ying Zhou,  Dispora Asian from Seattle  2005
  She is a choreographer, dancer, improviser, who moved to US in 1998 from China after graduating from Beijing University. She studied modern dance at University of Washington. Her works are deeply influenced by contact improvisation. Her own works has been selected to perform at two major performing arts venues in Seattle. She has also performed and taught in Beijing。


 Tokyo    Under Construction 
Saki Minako
Hijiri Yaegashi
Ayumin Imai
Akihiro Nakajima, 
Born in Yokohama in 1973. Participate in theatrical company DA, M from 2000 and appear for domestic and foreign performances. With the administration of the proto theater, continuous by the collaboration with the participant of Asian areas again in Asia meets Asia, and solo performance "Zatoichi 抄" (2006), collaboration "intermittent communication" (2009) "Earnest Struggle with Buddha" (2010) " Paradigm shift of Higuma Haruo Vol.52" (2013) with the artist. 69

中島彰宏 1973年横浜に生まれる。2000年より劇団DA・Mに参加し国内外の公演に出演している。またプロト・シアターの運営と共に、Asia meets Asiaではアジア諸地域の参加者との共同作業を継続的し、ソロ公演「Zatoichi抄」(2006)、アーティストとのコラボレーション「断続的対話」(2009)「Earnest Struggle with Buddha」(2010)、ヒグマ春夫の「映像パラダイムシフトVol.52」(2013)も行っている。

Takumi Harada, 
Born in Tokyo at 1965.Joined to Butoh Troope of Uno Man in 1984.Above solo works, working with companies such as “DA・M Theater”, “Kaiza” and “Theater Ragon”.Held butoh workshop in Bangalore, India, in 2012 and 2013.Maybe the film, still shooting, featuring dance is coming soon.46

原田拓巳 1965年東京生まれ。1984年舞踏家・宇野萬に師事。ソロ活動と共に「劇団DA・M」、「開座」、「シアターラゴーン」の活動に参加。2012,13年インド・バンガロールにて舞踏ワークショップ開催。多分もうすぐ出演映画公開(撮影中)。

Setsu Hanasaki, 
Kumiko Kojio
Mako Irihune,  
Naomi Hiyajo