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2016.11.21 Street Performance "Carrying Stone" in Busan
2016.9.9-11 Asia 6 Cities Collaboration
  ---Anywhere (Carrying Stone) pdf
  ---One Thousand One Nights
2014.9.9-13 Asia tour 3
Asia 7 Cities Collaboration Unbearable Dreams8-Somewhere
2013.5-8 Asia tour 2
Asia 7 Cities Collaboration Unbearable Dreams 7-Nowhere
2012.9.21-23@ Asia tour 1
Asia 7 Cities Collaboration" Unbearable Dreams6-Hope"
East Asia 4 Cities Collaboration "Lu Xun-Madman's Diary"

  @Tokyo   Hope@Madman's Diary

East Asia 4 Cities Collaboration LuXun Madman's Diary

2010.10.20-24 Vol.6 Asia meets Asia e10
Under Constraction
@Al-Khareef Theatre Troupe Damascas, Syria
@Collaboration Project gUnbearable Dreams 5 Returnh
      raq-Afghanistan-India-China-Taiwan=Hog Kong-Tokyo
2009.12.5-7 Asia meets Asia Collaboration Project @
Unbearable Dreams 4-Lost Home
Asia meets Asia Collaboration Project
East Asia 4 Cities Collaboration Touring Performance  
"A Madman's Diary
` the 90th anniversary" Lu Xun2008
2005.10.17-23 Vol.5 Asia meets Asia 2005@
Exile Theatre {Bond Street Theatre Afghanistan+USA
Bishkek City Drama Theatre Kyrgyzstan
Sovanna Phum Company
   +Integrated Performing Arts Guild
Imageopera ij Tokyo/Japan
Team Tapas Tokyo/Japan
Asia meets Asia Collaboration Project No.S
Hong Kong+Bangladesh+Vietnam+Assam, +Seattle+Tokyo
2003.10.29-11.3 Vol.4 Asia meets Asia 2003
Asia meets Asia Collaboration    Project No.3
   Unbearable Dreams 2
Hong Kong-Taipei-Hanoi-Tokyo
Theatre Bazzi@ Tehran/Iran
NAAS Acting Company Iraqi artists from Europe
Center for Asia Theatre Dhaka/Bangladesh
Ryuzanji Office Tokyo/Japan
Gokiburi Combinat Tokyo/Japan
unit OM-2 @ Tokyo/Japan
2001.11.21-25 Vol.3 Asia meets Asia 2001
Teater Mandiri@ Jakarta/Indonesia
Makhampom Theatre Group Banbkok/Thailand
Body Phase Studio@ Taipei/Taiwan
Zinjanthroupusboisei Tokyo/Japan
DAEM Theater Tokyo/Japan
unit OM-2 @ Tokyo/Japan
2000.10.11. DAEM{Clash Collaboration work Unbearable Dreams@
1998.11.20-24 Vol.2 Asia meets Asia '98
The Clash@ Hong Kong
Alternative Living Theater West Benbal/India
Dan Dan Theater Production@ Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
Castle Theatre@ Suwon/Korea
The Commodity Theater@ Tokyo/Japan
Mooning@ Tokyo/Japan
Store House Company@ Tokyo/Japan
DAEM Tokyo/Japan
1997.10.24-26 Vol.1 Asia meets Asia '97@Under Construction


Castle Theatre  Suwon/Korea
The Outcry of Streetwize Ensemble Hong Kong
DAEM Tokyo/Japan